Motivational Monday – Runnin’ Runnin’

I like to run. Not a lot. Not too far. Nor too fast. Don’t get me wrong. I would if I could build it up the way you’re supposed to. But when you have to tune agenda’s with others, it’s not that easy.

So after 1 month of none running, I’d love to get back to it. Even tough I believe it will be another month before we will…

But hey, the thought is there 😊 All we (my niece & me) need, is time.

And some fancy clothing of course 😁 Yes I have enough clothing to run. Yes they are still in perfect condition. No I don’t need new ones. No, I promise, I won’t buy any 😎

But it ain’t forbidden to watch. Nor to share😏

I present to you, my top 5 H&M crushes!

H&M – €29,99

H&M – €29,99

H&M – €29,99

H&M – €24,99

H&M – €24,99

Graphic lines βœ”οΈ

RosΓ© Gold βœ”οΈ

Mesh panels βœ”οΈ

They are so gorgeous I’d wear them all the time 😎 I’d work out all day every day 😹


Would you work out in them? Crushing as much as I am? 😍




Skins Cosmetics – New Store Opening

If you weren’t convinced yet, you for sure will be after reading this post. Ghent is the place to be. In general! It always has been (love my city ^_^) but it is even more now with all the new shops popping up like mushrooms!

Newest kid on the block:

Skins Cosmetics


The 1st store opened 16 years ago in The Netherlands. 12 shops later, they found their way to Belgium. More specific in Ghent @ Post Plaza, Korenmarkt.


There aren’t many cosmetic stores that sell Niche brands. Aside from Fin du Jour there are none in Ghent. So it will definitely catch on! Perfumes, make-up & skincare. You won’t walk out empty handed. But I can’t guarantee the same for your wallet…

The brand list is endless but I must warn you, not all will be available. BUT you can order online (or in store) get it delivered in store AND pay in store 😊


Some brands are 😱! Have you heard of Le Labo before? Diptyque? Eve Lom? Estelle & Thild? Christophe Robin? Coola Suncare?

I am known with Rosebud Salve (my favorite!), Molton Brown, E.Coudray & Grown Alchemist.

And many will be over enthousiastic for Laura Mercier, and so many more…


I read the store was opening tomorrow, Saturday, but since I was in the neighbourhood Wednesday I wanted to sneak peak. Shelves were being filled and it seemed great! I was afraid to take some pictures (as usual) but I found some pictures on their site.


I asked for some information and I was immediately allowed to buy something since someone had to be the 1st customer ^_^ (Yeay!) They were so friendly & such a great service even when they weren’t officially open yet. What I bought is still a little secret since I’ll review the product later this week so keep an eye on the blog if you’re curious! Tip: Summerrrtime!


Know your basics | part III

I have nothing to wear.

All women say this at least once in their life. Excuse me, once a week. A day?

Ok. You get the point. We have a closet full of “stuff” and we mostly have no clue what to wear. I personaly have no such issue. Is it because I really do know what I own & where (exactly) to find it in my closet? Maybe. Or is it because I mix EVERY.LITTLE.THING. I have. Perhaps. I reinvent it all. All the time. Of course I have some go to outfits but they’ll rarely look exactly the same. Continue reading “Know your basics | part III”


Berlin City Trip

In 2015 I turned a Belieber. Did I turn a Berliner in 2016? Keep reading to find out all about it!

I always said that I would never go to Germany. You know ‘always’ & ‘never’. The 2 most untrue words in the world…

Never say never.

So what’s new? I visited Berlin! Yep, I truly did. I dislike the German language. A lot. So I never wanted to visit Germany but I did. Milestone! #StoryOfMyLife Continue reading “Berlin City Trip”