Everyone deserves a second chance…

Hi Lovelies!

I once started a blog 3 years ago but I wasn’t consistent when it came to posting content on a regular basis. It had a lot of ups and downs… I didn’t want anyone knowing so that’s kind of hard starting out. Not that a lot has changed because still few people know about. Since not one single one of them read my blog I kind of suppose they didn’t/don’t care.

But everyone deserves a second chance so I’m giving this another go! Since I’m having an IPhone, it will be easier to post something during the day.

I’d like to keep my posts short & simple. About Fashion, Beauty, DIY & Travel. I want my blog to be an addition to my Instagram & Polyvore account. Some explanation to the pictures. Since we’re living in a “fastlane #hashtag world”, a full sentence can sometimes be very appreciative…

So take your time to explore my point of view!




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