I’m going on a holiday to Spain and I’m taking along with me…

Finally! I’m going to Spain this Thursday! 10 days of sunshine, love, friendship, delicious food and swimming… Away from the sometimes hectic sales life!
But before I can relax I have to fight the usual “I’m going on a holiday” stress. Packing my suitcase…
After a couple of years, it’s a certain routine but this time it’s a real challenge. I can only bring 10 kilos for 10 days. Ryan Air… It’s a bitch…

So what shall we bring along in our little suitcase?!? I must admit, I’ll probably cheat a little. For example the bodywash, shampoo, etc shall take place in the BF’s suitcase ^_^ he’ll also need it and will probably have more space left!

So this is the little PITA for Spain. Already weighing 3 kilos when empty. *Sigh*


Nothing special about it. Just a plain, cheap, heavy, ugly thing (If too fancy, they might steal it 😉 ).

So lets start with the most important things 1st! Bikini’s! Realy?!?
I know for sure it will be way too hot to move so we’ll
probably go nowhere and sit by the pool until the sun goes down… Maybe the beach, maybe shopping in a huge shoppingmall where I expect it to be airco cold… If visiting some cities, it’ll be at night so yes, the most important things are bikinis!


5 bikinis | 10 days

Not that exaggerated right?!? ^_^

Tomorrow I’ll add the beauty products!

Wish me luck!



2 thoughts on “I’m going on a holiday to Spain and I’m taking along with me…

  1. Love how much thought you put into packing, I’m the same. Love packing for trips to warm climates, but packing for cold weather sucks cause all the warm clothes take up so much precious shopping space! Btw the furry rug, is it the one from Ikea? Love it!

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