Less is more

Hi lovelies!

Yesterday i started this #10days10kiloschallenge. So basically it’s about me going to Spain for 10 days with Ryanair and I can only take 10 kilos with me. Hand luggage to make it extra easy when thinking about all the beautystuff…

So lets get this started!

Tip nr 1: Testers and mini’s are your best friends! I suck when it comes to using testers received in parfumshops so i always try to take them along when going on a holiday.

Tip nr 2: If your favorite products are over 100ml, pour them in smaller containers.


Tip nr 3: afraid that your favorite make-up palette could break during the flight? Then don’t take it along! Your skin will thank you for some make-up free time! If the thought of 10 make-up-less days make you freak out, make a choice. Try to bring only a little. Or you can also bring loose powders to play safe.
Make sure to bring an eye primer because when visiting a warmer tropical climat, your eyeshadow might slide right off!

Tip nr 4: Leave your hair dryer/ flat iron/ curling iron at home! 1st of all, there’s probably a blowdryer in your hotel room and secondly (again) your hair will be happy to be kept away from all that damaging heat. If you really do need a flat iron, you could invest in a travel edition. If you want curls, try it the classic way: braids. Very stylish in the summertime!


Tip nr 5: Never take more than you need. For example make-up wipes, cotton swaps,… When used up, you’ll have that much more space for that new top you’ll probably wanna buy πŸ˜‰

So did I pack using these 5 tips? Yes I have!

β€’ Testers and mini’s? Check!
β€’ Containers smaller than 100ml? Check!
β€’ No big make-up palettes? Check!
β€’ No blowdryer/flat iron/curling iron? Check! (I never use those anyway!)
β€’ Nothing more than I need? Double check! I really count my cotton swaps and pads πŸ˜‰


My beauty bag seems pretty small doesn’t it? ^_^

Just need to add some pills for headache, throat,… Some bandages and last but not least, my precious beauty oil!


When it comes to make-up, just pack some basic stuff. You’ll probably end up not using most of it anyway πŸ™‚ I’m sticking to concealer, bb cream, brow pencil, blush and nude eyeshadow tints AND if you’re a lippie fan as me: red, pink and nude lipcolors!

You are good to go!!!

Up next, clothing… Hardest part?!?




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