The hardest part

Hi Lovelies!

Lets call this episode 3 🙂

Once more the small intro: I’m going to Spain for 10 days and I can only bring 10 kilos (hand luggage) So I felt challenged by #Ryanair.

I talked about the beauty products now lets get down to some serious business! Clothing…

I have my own travel basics because else, I wouldn’t know where to start.

° jeans shirt
° jeans short
° white short
° black short (skipped this one this time, long story behind my favorite leather short!)
° printed short
° loose pants (that I wear on the plane)
° white dress
° black dress
° long dress
° beach dress
° floral dress
° white tee
° grey tee
° black tee
° printed top
° colored tshirt
° crop top
° pencil skirt
° loose skirt
° cardigan
° scarf
° favorite item @ the moment

This might seem a lot to some, this might seem not enough to others but I try to stick to these rules as much as I can. That’s why I normally have no problems packing for a long vacation, I know I’d have something for every occasion. But the shorter the trip, the bigger the stress…

Another great aid, is knowing what you’ll be doing. If you want to spend every single day @ the beach, well, ain’t that easy!!!

But I mostly go to beach, pool, cities, shopping, nature hikes but luckily for me, no sport activities ^_^ (Yep, you’ll never ever find me @ the gym…)

Do you have a special packing technique? Let me know! Always open to others travel hacks!



PS: I will post pictures of the outfits. Or so I hope so 🙂


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