Yes it still gets harder in the end: Accessories

Hi lovelies!

After all these years, I find myself loosing most of my time deciding which jewelry to take.
I’m a big shoe addict but most of the time, I already know which one to pack even before starting my 4h I-can’t-decide-what-to-bring-along(!) packing adventure. I’m the kind of I-wake-up-in-the-morning-and-decide-what-to-wear-while-brushing-my-teeth girl, so let along I can pick my jewelry for the next 10 days! For every outfit there’s a perfect accessory combo. An outfit without accessories, is like sex without an orgasm.


It happens to me all the time: damn it! I should have brought that bracelet! No! I forgot those earrings…


For me there are only 3 rules when it comes to jewelry:

* no expensive jewelry
* no emotional valuable jewelry
* no fragile jewelry



I’m always very afraid they might lose my luggage or that they’ll throw my suitcase around 😉

Maybe you might also think about the fact that you’ll swim a lot in salty or chloride water so be careful that your jewelry can stand these!

On to belts. Simple. A brown and a black one. I mostly take braided ones, this way I can wear them in my waist and on my hips.


Next, shoes. Me, THE shoe addict NEVER takes my most precious one along. They have to be comfortable for starters.

I normally take:
Flip flops
Diving shoes (when I know for sure we’ll go snorkling. Can’t stand bare feet in the water ^_^)
Black pumps
Nude/camel pumps
Sneakers (when we’ll be nature hiking)


The heaviest/most precious ones I’ll wear on the plane! 😀

I’m always in heels, I was born in them, I could sleep in them.

BUT, recently, I bought the most amazing flats and ever since, I don’t want to take them off… (I have all available colors)
So this holiday (Hello, hand luggage, 10 kilos!) I only bring flats (flip flops, espadrilles and loafers) and I’ll wear some high heel sandals to the airport…

Which bag(s) do I take along? No problem, the biggest I have to the airport (^_^) and a small (pale color or black) one with a long strap and zipper (!!!) inside my big bag.
No wallet, only a small pouch to fit money, id cart and credit cart.

Hat? Go ahead. I prefer to keep my (super long!) hair protected from the sun.

Sunglasses? A must! You don’t want no sundammage to your eyes.
I always take one for “on the road” and one “near the water”. When near the water I put my glasses more often on top of my head so then I prefer an all plastic one because else my hair gets all tangled in those nose grips.

Packing sounds that much easier on paper!




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