How to pack your bag in 5 “easy” steps

This is a packing guide for going on an all-in summer holiday for 2 weeks.

I hate packing to go on a holiday. It gives me stress because I hate a limited wardrobe.
Even when I’d follow my own rules I often do not have the dress with me that I would like to wear or shoes or…

Anyway, never pack your bags the night before you leave on a summer holiday (guilty as hell!), you will forget (important) things. Try to pack a week in advance, 1 category at a time/a day.

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Where are you going? What will you be doing? Take your suitcase, hand luggage if needed and decide which bag you want to take with you on the plane. Open them up in the middle of your living room or wherever suits you best. Start with the essentials 1st because you do NOT want to forget those most used items and important documents.


ASOS Leather Purse & Travel Waller, €35,72

* ID cart/Visum/International Passport
* Credit carts
* Drivers licence (optional)
* Plane tickets (or download the right airline company app, so easy!)
* Hotel/Car reservation documents ( or keep the e-mail confirmation on your phone, we Dik zwart hart technology)

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Panama Collection, Double Zip Travel Wallet, £450

* Camera + memory cards + battery charger
* Phone charger
* Laptop/Tablet + Charger
* Head phones
* International charger

Charge your camera or other devices in advance, empty your memory cards (don’t forget to free space on your phone also!) And make sure you can put them away safely in a protective sleeve.

* Magazine/Book
* Sunglasses
* Scarf (I’m always freezing on the plane)
* Earplugs (if you can’t stand noise)
* Handkerchiefs
* Mints/Chewing gum
* Pillow
* Fedora
* Notebook
* Pen
* Hand sanitizer
* Hand lotion
* Lip balm
* Moisturizer Air conditioner on planes can be very drying so keep your skin moisturized!

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* Washing soap
* Shampoo
* Conditioner
* Toothbrush
* Toothpaste
* MouthWash/Floss/…

* Sun lotion
* After sun
* Hair Mask (moisturizing against sun damage)

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Floral Hanging Toiletry Case, € 10,45

Processed with Moldiv
Canvas and Leather Hanging Toiletry Kit, $78

* BB Cream/Foundation
* Face/Eye primer
* Concealer
* Blush/Bronzer
* Mascara
* Brow pencil
* Eyeshadow
* Long wear lipstick (lipstain by preference or a lipstick in a liquid form)

* Make Up Brushes
* Make Up remover
* Night creme
* Hair ties
* Bobby pins
* Hair brush

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* Nail file
* Nail clipper
* Small scissors
* Tweezers
* Band Aids
* Medication against – headaches – cold – sore throat – fever – malaria or any other tropical disease you should be aware of?!?
* Cotton pads
* Cotton swaps

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SEPHORA COLLECTION Travel Tips Mini Mani Kit, $20

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* Jeans shirt
* Jeans short
* White short
* Black short
* Printed short
* Loose pants (that I wear on the plane)
* White dress
* Black dress
* Long dress

* Beach dress
* Floral dress
* White tee

* Grey tee
* Black tee
* Printed top
* Colored T-shirt
* Crop top
* Pencil skirt
* Loose skirt
* Long skirt
* Cardigan
* Favorite item @ the moment


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VICTORIA SECRET Travel Bag Trio, $20

* Nude bra
* Black bra
* Multifunctional or strapless bra/ Stick on bra/ Nipple coverups
* Underwear (don’t take all blacks if you have some see through clothing with you!)
* PJ

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CupCase your Bras, $24,95

5 Bikini’s (at least! Depending on the climate (sometimes your bikini’s hardly dry & no one loves putting on a wet bikini) and your activities)

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Try to stick to these rules.

* No expensive jewelry
* No emotional valuable jewelry
* No fragile jewelry

* Black & white stud earrings
* Gold or silver stud earrings
* 3 statement earrings
* Gold or silver dainty necklace
* Long necklace
* 3 statement necklaces
* 3 statement rings
* 3 small stack them rings
* Gold or silver watch
* Black or white watch
* 3 Gold or silver stack them bracelets
* Friendship bracelet

Processed with Moldiv
MARA COLLECTION Square Jewellery Pouch, £370 


* Flip flops
* Black or nude high heels

* Black or camel sandals
* Flats
* Sport shoes/ Diving shoes/ Party heels

Processed with Moldiv
Travel Women’s Shoe bags, $35


* Brown belt

* Black belt

Choose a braided belt, this way you can wear it in your waist and on your hips.

I hope this helps you a lot!

If you think I forgot something important or there is a staple travel piece you can’t go without, let me know in the comment section below!



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