For some people Fashion Week lasts all year


4 letters that make all Fashionistas go insane! *Promise to myself: I’ll go once to NY when FW is BIG and happening!* You’ll probably smell it in the air so I–MUST–GO–THERE!!!

Now, it has begun a couple of days ago and off course there are already some Designers out there that makes my mouth water…

1st up:


1st outfit is my fav. High waisted pants + monochrome cut out crop top.
What’s not to love?


So looking forward to the H&M collab…

2nd up:


Thursday I bought some leather pants in H&M that look exactly like those in the 2nd picture so OBVS it is my fav outfit. I thought it was a nice coincidence when I saw these pictures Saturday.


3rd up:


Again, so difficult to choose 1 fav design. They are all so gorgeous. But I’d go with the 3rd. The details are so breathtaking 😍


4th up:


Women (almost) never shop because they NEED clothes but because they WANT clothes. How can we not long for all these amazing designer pieces? That last dress is so pretty!


5th and last one:


Middle one, bottom row for sure! That dress… Those colors… LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!


So far 5 of my fav SS15 designers! There’ll be more to come of course!

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