Nothing lasts forever…

But it is pretty awesome if you can prolong the existence of your manicure!

Fall might be right at our doorstep but I wont give up on summer yet. A bright ombré manicure it is then!
Or was. Because I had it last week. And it lasted me for a whole week…


I’m a Shop Manager. Which means I do rip open a lot of delivery boxes, I secure clothing with these mean security clips which I also happen to remove a lot off when clothing gets sold. And since clothing hangers make your hands really dirty, I wash them 10 times a day. The nasty air conditioning on the other hand is very drying so I apply a big amount of hand lotion.

All of the above as a side note 😉 I think my nails look pretty awesome even after a week!


I adore matte nails. I prefer them. But after a couple of days they start to shine. So I thought to slightly give it up now and then.


As you can see on the pictures, it doesn’t need a lot of explaining. My polish hardly chipped. I was really impressed. I’ll do another next week for surr! So O.P.I. Rapid Dry Top Coat will be my new secret nail weapon.

If you haven’t found a great topcoat yet, I suggest you try this one!

PS: Lesson of the day: Never go topless!

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