Fall Fashion is at our doorstep

Fall is getting closer. You can smell it in the air. But Summer is still around the corner šŸ™‚ You can still feel it!
Days are getting shorter but sun is still shining.
So don’t put away the summer dresses yet! Nor the skirts or shorts. Just wear a nice jacket or cardigan with it. Some socks, boots, a scarf.


I snooped around the ASOS website, there’s always way too many cute accessories and fashionable clothing. You could make an endless wish list!

But I managed not to be carried away. 9 obvious fall pieces.

1. A big gorgeous leather bag so you can carry a scarf or cardigan to keep you warm(er) at night.
2. A two piece with the most amazing wisteria print.
3. Some loafers with a Scottish print. They scream fall!
4. A darker thicker skirt. You can still wear it with sheer tops. Just add perhaps a hat and a knitted cardigan.
5. A nice floral watch!
6. A jumpsuit is always easy to style.
7. A jumper perfect to combine with a jeans short and black ankle boots!
8. That cardigan is WAUW! Also an easy to combine piece.
9. A houndstooth dress! Another typical fall print.

Love it? I know I do!

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