Heaven on Earth: Sephora Fiber Masks

They for sure ain’t new but I discovered them only recently.
The Sephora Fiber Masks.

Being on a super hot holiday in Spain, we went shopping in an air conditioned Shopping Mall. Of course I did some research before we went there and of course I knew there was a Sephora. My favorite beauty store. Wouldn’t wanna miss out on such an opportunity 🙂

Since I like to take care of my skin, especially during summer time, the Sephora Fiber Masks drew my attention.


8 colorful much promising face masks.

The sun can do a lot of damage so I wanted to try one of them. Rose Mask it was then!


Eager to try them out OBVS so once we arrived home that night, I immediately put the mask to test.


So, removing all make-up, opening the packaging, noticing the mask is almost dripping wet AND surprisingly very cold, I put it on my face…

OMG! This mask felt amazing! Dealing with a 28 C temperature in the bedroom it felt a gods gift! I climbed into bed to enjoy this refreshing mask even more… And I fell asleep. Just like that. Never happened to me before. Especially because it was that hot in our room. I woke up 1 or maybe 2 hours later, removed it and went immediately back to sleep. No rinsing or whatever, it felt great!

These are the instructions:


Should I mention that I went back the day after to buy some more?!?


1st one I tested was the Rose Mask. For me so far the best one. The Lotus wasn’t my favorite smell (of course not the most important fact) and the Honey Mask felt a little too sticky and again, the smell, not my favorite… But again, the ROSE MASK is heaven on earth! Even bought it for my best friend. Nothing but praising words… Refreshing, nourishing, ULTRA moisturizing,…

Underneath the promising results for only € 3.95


YES, you should try them out! 😀

You can thank me later 😉


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