Mix ‘n’ Matching Prints part II

Like I mentioned in my previous post, mixing prints is an art. And style is personal. You buy the fashion and you turn it into a style of your own.
Some care more about style than others. If you don’t know how or where to get started, stay around, I’ll teach you my tricks 🙂

I should start with the ultimate basics but I’m not in the mood. Right on to prints and patterns today!

So how do you add some interesting prints to your wardrobe?

Lets start with subdividing prints the easy way:


You could divide them in 10 categories or more but lets not complicate things 🙂

All of them can easily be combined but lets take it slow.

If you’re new at this, black and white is the key. They go with everything. So if you want to mix up patterns for the 1st time, choose a black and white print.

A striped tee is the perfect piece to experiment with.


To not feel uncomfortable you can built up the mixing.

• Some jeans, the most neutral piece there is, and some colored pumps. A 1st class basic outfit 🙂
• Now try to add some colored pants and a neutral pump. Makes the tee immediately that more interesting.
• To add another print, start small. Go back to your fav jeans and put on some leopard shoes. Impeccable right? 🙂
• Push a little further this time and exchange the jeans for a colored piece. Your outfit gets more and more daring!
• Get out of your comfort zone and mix 2 items of the same colors and look-a-like prints together. Some neutral accessories et voila!
• Now try again with a floral or animal print. Keep the accessories as inconspicuously as possible.
• Did I just say to keep the accessories minimal? Go all the way 🙂 add some color!
• Almost there. Try to match 3 patterns but keep the color palette of 2 of them equal and also 2 out of the same category. In this case black and white and geometric.

Wasn’t that easy? ^_^

Ready to discover a whole lot of possibilities?




Excited to start Mix ‘n’ Matching?
I’ll show you some of my fav Pinterest pictures in my next post!

Have Fun!

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