Mix ‘n’ Matching part IV

I think it’s obvious that I wouldn’t write multiple posts about combining all kind of prints if I wouldn’t be into it myself.

So I put together some of my OOTD instagram posts where I wear different patterns combined.



Looking at them I realise I should do more OOTD posts because I wear A LOT of prints mixed together but it seems i do not have that many proof ^_^

Last week I styled a very specific look to once again show you how easy it can be.


A blue and crème colored turtle neck mini dress is an interesting piece to start with.

Add an animal printed circle scarf et voila! Look 1 completed. Less boring right?

Tie a tartan shirt around your waist, très à la mode BTW 😉 adds instant length if you don’t feel comfortable with wearing mini dresses.

Getting colder? Wear your shirt as you should, knot it at your waist. Add your scarf. 3 prints, 1 outfit. Easy!

Do you wear a lot of prints? If not, I hope you’re excited to try it out!

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