Summer into Fall

I must admit that when I prepared this post last week, the temperatures were perfect for summer into fall outfits. But today is a whole other story 😦

Anyhow! Some of you probably live in a warmer climate so it can be of use to some of you…

I’m one of those people who just ain’t ready to let go of my summer pieces. Even though Summer OBVS is over, you can prolong your Summer favorites a little longer. Not all of them of course but some have some amazing Fall potential.

It’s kind of easy if you have the right pieces. And since it are staple pieces, it’s child’s play!

• Hat
• Scarf
• Oversized sweater
• Long cardigan
• Boots
• Stockings
• …

Add some of these to your dress, short or skirt and you are halfway there! Yes, only halfway because the colors or prints better match 😉

Lets have a look at some of my examples!

• A silk lingerie dress


It is such a soft fabric, I absolutely ❤️ wearing this dress! So add some boots, cardigan a scarf and you are good to go! When still too cold maybe add a longer lightweight grey or khaki parka. If I had one, I would 🙂

• Colorful Pencilskirt


The fabric of this skirt is a little thicker which is a big plus for colder days. It is colorful, perfect for summer time but also fall and winter. Combine it with warmer colors like burgundy for fall and go all black in the winter time. Since the skirt is tight, you can easily wear an oversized sweater on top. Warm and cosy!

• A neutral short


A chic neutral short. A festival t-shirt on top in the summer and a fluffy sweater in fall. Sheer stockings, thick stockings, colorful stockings or black stockings. Completely as you wish! Add a huge scarf and you are out the door…

Ready for fall? I am!

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