Splurge vs Steal – Love vs Hate: JC Lita Shoes

Lita Shoes. You love them or you don’t. It is that simple. I know I didn’t in the beginning. “OMG, seriously?!?” Was probably my 1st reaction. But it became a passionate love affair. Once I saw them in an outfit picture I thought they didn’t look that bad at all. And then they took over the internet and I became highly obsessed with them. Now and then I still believe they are not pretty at all but when I look at them from a different angle, I fall in love again.


The problem with this love affair was the money. It’s always about the money right?!? 😉 I wasn’t willing to pay that price for a pair of shoes I’d never seen IRL before! And I for sure would like to try them on 1st. So in time of needs, we turn to our beloved low street end shops…

I present to you:
Jeffrey Campbell vs H&M.


$160 vs €34,95

The Lita became a real blogger shoe. There’s literally a model for every single one of us!


Every day colors vs not so every day colors.
Maybe wearable prints vs maybe not so wearable prints.
Good girls vs bad girls.
High shine, tapestry inspired, you name it, Jeffrey has it!

Now H&M also sells them year after year. My shoe closet knows all about it!


Yes I know, they all look the same but unfortunately I can’t get my hands on a pair that doesn’t look like these. Every year they’re on the H&M website. I’ve seen them in leather, snakeskin, velvet,… But in store, there’s always one color available. Always the very same color…


They don’t sell them in Ghent so I have to go to Antwerp or Brussels. I only go there twice a year so I consider myself lucky that I have been able to buy them again every single year… Color might be the same but since last year it became more an ankle boot and it doesn’t have a zipper.


They are my absolute favorite shoe! Having 4 of them is enough proof I guess 😉 I can walk in them ALL DAY LONG! During the wintertime, it is all I wear. Day in, day out…

There are many other brands that sell the Lita look a like but those are my comfortable favorites. And they resell them every year. Very important for a shoe addict like me. It might take me 10 more years before I waist the ones I have right now because lets face it: my oldest pair is 3 years old and they still look kind of new 🙂

One day, I’ll treat myself to some really awesome JC’s!

Love them/ hate them? Want them/ have them? Let me know!


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