It’s never enough – Sephora Haul

A haul. Such a strange word, haul. Never done a “haul” before but I for sure watched many haul videos.

Today is a gorgeous day! “I’ve got mail!” My Sephora package arrived today. Excited, you think?!?


So what did I order:

• Urban Decay Eyeshadow ‘Blackout’
• Urban Decay Revolution ‘Venom’
• Urban Decay Revolution ‘Catfight’
• Sephora 5 ‘Infinite rose’
• Sephora 6 ‘Forever fuschia’
• Sephora 8 ‘Light pink’
• Too Faced Melted ‘Violet’
• Sephora Mask Rose
• Sephora Mask Pommegranate
• Sephora Mask Green Tea

I’m a huge lippies addict. So all of the above (except for the Melted, 1st try) are some of my favorite lipsticks that I re-ordered in some new shades. (I’ll do a big favorite lip products review soon).

Some quick swatches for a 1st impression is the least I can do.


1. UD Venom. As expected. Creamy consistency as usual. Opaque color.
2. UD Catfight. Same as the above 🙂
3. TF Violet. Gorgeous color. Opaque. Seems an ‘easy to apply’ applicator. It’s supposed to be long lasting but it does come off easily so we’ll see about that.
4. Sephora Forever Fuchsia. A lot of product on the applicator. Didn’t had that problem with the one I already own. Great color. Opaque.
5. Sephora Light Pink. Again a lot of product on the applicator but the color ain’t opaque at all. Kind of a watery consistency. Will try soon and see about that.
6. Sephora Infinite Rose. Exactly like the one I already own. Perfect 🙂

On to the next, facemasks. They are too die for!!! Curious about the Green Tea and Pommegranate. OBVS the Rose is my favorite because as you can see I’m stocking up on it 😉
Already did a review on them couple of weeks ago…

And lets not forget about the poor eyeshadow I also ordered. It is my all time favorite! I’ll explain in another post what I love so much about this plain black UD goodness 🙂 Ordered it for a colleague since I recommend it to anyone.

Sephora addict? Lippie addict? Tested these out before? Let me know what you think about them!

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