Fall 2014 Staple Pieces

Some staple pieces can last you year after year if you pick them wisely. But you can also buy a staple piece that’s à la mode à la minute. It lasts you a season, maybe 2 or forever if you don’t care about being fashionable. I’ve selected 4 SP at Zara that you can add to your summer/fall outfits just to keep you a little warmer. Or a lot warmer in winter time 😉 like I said, it are staple pieces that you can combine with so many things…

So, here are my obvious pieces.

• Faux Fur Coat


You can buy a black or brown one that lasts you ages or you can look on the bright colorful side! They are classy, warm, cosy and very feminine!

Animal prints have proven to be keepers. They aren’t going anywhere and this for a couple of years in a row now! In my opinion, they are a neutral 😉 So hot and happening all year around over and over again!

• A Blanket Scarf


Yep, a blanket scarf. That’s how my family at least names my newest scarf addition because it is sooooo huge and thick and soft and…


It also reminds me of the real blankets my grandmother had in her sofa when I was a kid 🙂

So yes you need one of those because the are amazing! Even with a blazer in fall so you can resist those chilly mornings. Or when in a skirt or short you are at least warm on the upper part 🙂 What women wouldn’t do to stay fashionable!

• A flanel shirt


Hallelujah for the one who invented it and also for the one who made it fashionable (hmm, should research that!)

It is my favorite layering piece! Even in the summer time with a short and a crop top to balance everything out…

• A hat


Last but not least. It screams fall all over… Kind of protects you from the rain in a stylish way. And lets not forget about a bad hair day!

Boots are also a must but that is pure logic. It deserve a post on its on! What am I saying, a boots Special even! That’s how much we love shoes 🙂

In 2 weeks. Animals are up 1st!

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