Beauty Tip: Dry Shampoo

Dry Shampoo, is it a love/hate affair to you? Let me show you how to turn it into a I-can’t-live-without-affaire!

• Expensive
• All used up after maybe 5 uses?!?
• Doesn’t always smell so good
• Bad for the environment 😉
• Can create a mess

• You can put off your next hairwash with 1 or 2 days
• Gives you lots of volume
• Saves you a lot of time in the morning


So about the HATE part. It doesn’t have to be expensive with the NO DROUGHT DRY SHAMPOO by LUSH. €12,70 for 100g ladies!

Only 5 uses, 10 tops?!? Nope! It lasts me over a year! This is my 2nd bottle and I think I started it this summer, maybe June. The previous one I started around Christmas 2012. Loose powder goes a long way! Nothing like the aerosol cans

You don’t like the smell??? Citrus it is 🙂

You care about the environment? Lush does too! Cruelty free and vegan!

You’ve got white powder all over your bathroom or wherever you applied your dry shampoo? Since this dry shampoo, a loose powder, comes in a container with a small opening, you can easily pour some into your palm or directly onto your scalp without being unable to breathe 😉 you still might have some mess but less.

Now the true meaning of my post, a little dry shampoo tip.

1st of all you should know that I have really loooooooong hair. I hate washing it and it takes forever to dry. No blowdrying, ever (Maybe one of the reasons my hair is this long). So I wash my hair every 3 to 5 days. Which means I mostly use some dry shampoo on the 4th day (or the night before in my case).

Why the night before?

Your hair looks that much better when you apply it the night before! It really looks like it is freshly washed 🙂
I sometimes had this white cast on my roots but that problem is all gone now. Maybe because of the rubbing with the pillow? Which also leaves you with extra volume! ✅
And it prevents excess scalp oil overnight. Amazing right 🙂

If you can’t find some dry shampoo loose powder version, use some plain baby powder! It does the trick just fine! Been there, done that 😉

Dry Shampoo for president!!!

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