The Animal Issue: Private Collection

I ❤️ Animal Prints! And no doubt you do too. Maybe you won’t admit it but deep down you wished you could rock some leopard print with confidence!

Let me teach you how ^_^

• Home wear

You don’t know if you’d feel comfortable in animal prints? Easy! Get yourself an amazing animal printed pj, this way you can get used to leopard or zebra prints ^_^


Yep, this is me, 3 years ago. Asleep in the sofa. Totally jet lagged from an unforgettable 2 weeks Mexico holiday.
And no that ain’t real ink, it’s henna. Unfortunately…

• Accessories

Don’t get all full printed right away! You need to crawl before you can walk… In leopard heels that is! A hand bag, belt, scarf or bikini are great to get you started as well.



• Animal prints are very eye catching so you can try some animal-ish prints 🙂 A less visible print is a more confident feeling (in the beginning)! Combine your piece with all black to mute the print.


• The real deal

Snake – Leopard – Zebra is like the superlatives of fashion prints. Loud – Louder – Loudest! But if you feel most comfortable in Zebra, by all means, go for it!




I gathered quit a collection throughout the years. I feel comfortable in animal prints, why wouldn’t I?!? A confident woman is a beautiful woman 😉

Go for it ladies!

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