This is the healthy life!

I’m on a holiday! Again… I know. But we just needed to get away. Again. I need the sun in my life. I simply can’t function without. Winter time is very cosy and all but the cold and darkness, horror time…

So I thought lets not think about beauty or fashion, devote a week to health!

Here’s the deal:

Resolutions 2014:
• Healthy food: fruit & vegetables
• Drinking more water
• Work out
• Have breakfast

Some facts about yours truely:
• Very often sick. As in a lot.
• Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).
• Normal BMI
• Sugar addict
• No smoking
• Minimal drinking
• No sports at all but I’m running around 8h a day on the job.

This is/was a little summary of my lifestyle for years and I decided I wanted to change this in 2014.

Quite proud when I look back to were I am now 🙂

• I drink at least 1.5l water a day
• I eat way more fruits and vegetables
• I try to have breakfast more often
• I started running in september every other day
• I became addicted to superfoods this summer
• I gained 4 kilos since spring?!?

• Last time I was really sick: the whole month of July.
• Do I have more energy? I think so
• Did my IBS & approved? Yes
• After a day without fruits, vegetables or my yogurt concoction, I crave them!

Yes I took some superfoods with me to Tenerife.

I do not want to be that type of person that counts her calories nor the one that denies herself some yummy fast food or desserts. I love to eat, a lot ^_^

BUT I want to be conscience about what I eat.

So the next posts I’ll bother you with

• Hydration
• Superfoods
• Nutrients
• Bootea
• Food pyramid

Who’s in?!!


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