This is the healthy life: Hydration

A healthy life starts with water. The most basic drink of all!

So cut down on
• Caffeine: Coffee, tea & energy drinks
• Alcohol
• Soft drinks

It’s important to drink enough of water.

Our body consists of almost 75% of water so you need to drink A LOT to stay healthy.

How much?

Hard to tell, it depends on your height, weight, daily activities, man or woman.
Aim at 2l a day and you’ll probably won’t be far off.

Your urine is the best indicator to know if you’re drinking enough water. If it is ALMOST clear of color, great! If it’s darker, you better start drinking!

Drinking water results in

• More energy
• Healthier looking skin
• Help lose weight

Because it

• Regulates body temperature
• Helps prevent constipation
• Lubricates joints
• Carries nutrients & oxygen to cells
• Protects body organs & tissues
• Moistens tissues: mouth, eyes & nose
• Removes waste
• Helps convert food to energy
• Helps your body absorb nutrients

Do you have difficulties drinking 2l a day?

My way:

1 glass of water when:

• I get up in the morning
• Before leaving for work
• When arriving at work
• Start lunch break
• When break is over
• Leaving work
• Arriving at home
• Start diner time
• After diner time
• Before going to bed

So basically I try to drink a glass of water every time I arrive or leave a certain place and before I start and end a certain activity. That’s my trick.


What you also could do is take a 2l water bottle in the morning and mark the amount of water you want to drink before a certain time. Easy to keep it on your desk. Not possible in my case…


There are also many apps out there to help you obtain your goal. You can set reminders, indicate how much you want to drink, mark when you had a drink, keep statistics,…

Here are the 1st 3 apps that I came across that are totally free!


Cheers to that!


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