The Healthy Life: When life gives you lemons…

Lemons never were my favorites. And I thought they’d never be! I’m all about the sugar and they are so sour…


Then I decided to live a little healthier and what’s a better way to start your day with some lemons?!?

Let me sum up why 🙂

1. Boosts your immune system!
The most important reason now winter’s right around the corner…

2. Aids digestion.
Exactly what I need with my IBS.

3. Cleanses your system.
Well ain’t that great?!?

4. Clears skin.
Happy faces!

5. Gives you more energy.
I might become a morning person after all…

6. Fresher breath.
Bring it on!

7. Helps healing.
I can use that. Bruises, paper cuts,… I’m a weak lady!

8. Hydrates your lymph system.
Hydration is key. Thought I made that clear already…

9. Balances PH levels.
Life is all about balance! In & out 😎

10. Aids in weight loss.
Not that I want it but do I need to explain more?


So let me tell you my routine.
I heat up a cup of water (not too hot), cut a lemon in half and squeeze out every single drop of lemon juice. Drink it up and let the day begin!

Now go and squeeze yourself some lemons!


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