The Candy Coat Issue: Overindulging in colors!

Winters are mostly dark & cold. So you’re damn right to brighten them up a little with a bright colorful coat.


Lets guide you through these candy colors…

Bright like the sun!


It is such a vivid color! An instant Happy maker…

Zara – €79,95
New Look – €64,99
Naf Naf – €150
New Look – €61,99

Icy blue!


On a cold winter day you’ll blend right in with these hues of green & blue…

New Look – €54,99
J. JS. Lee – €500
Warehouse – €120
Chloé – €1715

Calming lilac tones.


Don’t stress about the coldness! There’s nothing you can do about it. Just grab a lovely colored coat and go with the flow!

Oasis – €48
Oasis – €125
New Look – €64,99
New Look – €64,99

Warming reds.


Look in the mirror. What do you feel? Warmth!

New Look – €39,99
New Look – €64,99
New Look – €29
Warehouse – €120

Longing for wintertime already? Get one of these to stay warm and happy!


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