The Lippies Gift Guide

As a lippie addict it only seems obvious to start with a Lippies Gift Guide!

Every woman loves a red lip. Some are afraid to rock it
BUT Ladies, hear me out! You should try it! You will feel confident! Start out with a soft pink and try a shade darker along the way…


Especially with these beauties that I found for you 😊


You can give them to Lippie Addicts and woman dying to try out a strong lip.

Marc Jacobs Beauty – Kiss Pop Lacquer – $300. It’s a limited edition. Only available online. 9 shades. Light to dark. Pink to burgundy.

Make Up Forever – Rouge Artist Palette – $39. 5 colors in 1 Palette. 8 different palettes available.
The solution for women constantly on the go. I carry way to many lipsticks with me. At the end of the week I have a bag filled with the lipsticks/creams/pencils/stains/… I used during that week. I empty it and the process restarts on Monday.

Urban Decay – Full Frontal Lipstick Stash Set – $39. Limited edition. The set contains 6 shades which 3 are brand new, would love to own those! Their Revolution Lipsticks are amazing! Each time I go to Sephora I buy myself a new shade. Owning 5 already, they are my favorite! Price is very reasonable so go get it now you still can…

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics – Lip Tar Test Tubes – $59. Limited edition. I have one Lip Tar and I’ll probably still own it 20 years from now. A tiny drop is all you need. So pigmented, lasts you forever. These 12 test tubes are perfect…

Vampy red lips are gorgeous and empowering but if you don’t moisturize that pout of yours, it can look dry and cracked. Which means not pretty at all! But the lip care products that I’m presenting you are my absolute favorites that I use on the daily.


EOS – Lip Balm – $3,29. I can finally say I’m a proud owner. Been chasing it for years! It is as good as they claim it to be. Soft, smooth, long-lasting, great scent and full of Vitamin E. On top of that it is free of
• Gluten
• Paraben
• Petrolatum
• Phthalate

Rosebud Perfume Co – Rosebud Salve – $6. My ultimate go to lip product since a couple of years. I keep one in my purse, bedroom, bathroom and @ work. Can’t live without. I apply a good amount on my lips before going to sleep. You can’t moisturize them enough! Especially when wearing (matte) lipsticks on the daily. A small container ain’t that hygienic but it also comes in a tube 🙂 it’s a multitasking salve since you can apply it on any chapped or dry area on your body. Irritation, sting, burns, cuts,… Also free of • Parabens • Sulfates • Phthalates. The Company found in 1892 and is still going strong! Which means it’s a hell of a product!

Elizabeth Arden – Eight Hour Cream – €32,9.
Another multitasker! It comes with a strong herbal scent which I learned to appreciate after a very long time. But they’ve come up with a fragrance free version. It’s an amazing salve just like the Rosebud one. Soft lips guaranteed!

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