The Gift Guide: Jingle Bells, Christmas Smells!

Perfumes will always be on top of many Gift Lists. So let me be your guide through way too many scents!


Perfumes are very personal. There are many scents out there that I do not like at all. Some can really make me nausea.

But the 4 above are my absolute favorite winter scents!

Thierry Mugler – Alien – €45,90.
Not everyone is in to it but the few people I know (including me) call it their signature smell and wear it ALL THE TIME. I prefer something lighter during the summer but some really wear it year round…

Gucci – Guilty Black – €57,90.
A friend of mine was wearing this and it was love at 1st sight! Or at 1st smell 😎 Just around my Bday when I discovered it so it was a perfect gift to myself.

Chanel – N°5 – €73.
I do not own a full size bottle, just a miniature one that I hang on a necklace. I associate this smell with older women so I do not wear it myself. Yet. My grandmother always wears this perfumes and that’s why I love it so much 😍 It’s the mother of all perfumes!

Hermes – Terre d’Hèrmes – €59,70.
It’s a mens perfume and I am well aware of that but I’m addicted to it. Now and then I dare to wear it myself. The BF disapproves but I can be sneaky 😉


The perfumes above are on my personal wish list. Lovely scents!

Yves Saint Laurent – Manifesto – €56,50.
A strong scent has to be worn by a strong woman!

Yves Saint Laurent – Black Opium – €56,50.
Their newest baby smells Ah-Maa-Zing! Must Have Alert for FW14!

Sisley – Eau du Soir – €82,50.
Expensive if you ask me but I ❤️ it.

Giorgio Armani – – €53,50.
The sweetest smell of them all…

Most of the above scents are very warm and sweet – sweeter – sweetest!

If you want to give a perfume to someone but you’re afraid they’d dislike the scent, buy them a rollerball! They aren’t just super practical but a lot cheaper and a “save buy”.

If you think perfume is too expensive: ZARA is your solution! Their perfumes are really cheap! Maximum €15 I guess? And the scents are the same as the big brands. I own many of them! Sure I smelled Amor Amor and a Million Dollar Baby…

Happy sniffing!

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