Gift Guide

The Sweet Gift Guide

These gifts are for the sweet ladies, cute girls and fairy tail lovers! Count me in…


Urban Outfitters – Unicorn Jewelry Dish – €17
He’ll protect her delicate jewelry at night…

Furla – 3 in 1 set – $118
These macaroon inspired leather cosmetic bags always come in handy! We women love to put bags in bags in bags… Or am I the only one?!?

H&M – Cakestand – £9,99
Obviously to have some lovely tea afternoons! Or to display candles, jewelry, nice little nicknacks,… I prefer shoes 😎

H&M – Purse – £3
Some women just throw coins in there bag. (Shocking fact right?) so they are rich without even realizing so. Most wallets aren’t big enough to keep small money so by throwing it in their bag it takes them forever to pay their parking space, coffee, paper,… With this cute little purse they’ll gladly do an effort in collecting their money!


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