The Travelers Gift Guide

Does your friend likes city trips?
Then you can always surprise her with a ticket to her favorite destination!
Or simply buy her one of these…


Henri Bendel – NY Skyline IPhone Case – $48
NYC is her favorite but you can’t afford a plane ticket? This will do just fine!

Chloé – Baylee Tote – $1.145
You really want to spoil her? This spacious and elegant tote is just it to carry all her essentials throughout the day!

Baublebar – Oil Slick Headphones – $176
I’d love to own some big fancy headphones! (Hello?!? Does anybody out there hear me?!?) On the plane to block out the noise, on the street so people would leave me alone (I’m very social but I prefer to scare creeps away with these)

Urban Outfitters – Portable Phone Charger – €35
As a blogger I always run out of battery before the end of the day! So all lovely ladies out there need this 😎

You can thank me later! 😉

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