Gift Guide

The Fashionista Gift Guide

You may think that Fashionista’s are a difficult specie when it comes to buying gifts but I’d rather see myself as a little fat kid that you can make happy with cake. By preference chocolate cake with banana or strawberries, some whipped cream and colored sprinkles on top! (Just kidding…) ^_^
No really, we ain’t diva’s.

Of course a Chanel bag or Louboutins won’t get refused but we (by that I mean Fashionista’s) ❤️ small, personal and originals gifts. Even DIY. Don’t we?!?

Let me show you.

Uniqlo – Barbie Tee – $5,99
Barbie is HOT! Even for grown ups. You’ve got Moschino to blame for that…

H&M – Crossbody Bag – €19,99
I have a similar one. Love it! Spices up many outfits.

Bex Rox – Bracelet – £182
Hell Yeah! That bracelet is super dope. She’ll make an awesome armparty with that eyecatcher!

H&M – Pillow – £12,99
No regular pillows in Fashionland. The Fashionista has a reputation to hold on to and you can help by putting this under the christmastree!

You’re welcome!


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