The Hot Chocolate Issue

Winter is coming so obviously you’re craving HOT CHOCOLATE!

I’m on a healthy path since spring but I’m a sugar addict to the core, so even dough I thought there was a small possibility that I could resist the Hot Choco this winter, I can’t. It’s a rumor, a fairy tail. Like unicorns and mermaids.

I’m not even fighting the chocolate calling me on the daily. I’m like Pavlov’s dog. Christmas lights on, fireplace burning, blanket, netflix and there’s that feeling creeping up on my like something’s missing. Oh yeah, right, hot chocolate 😎


I like my chocolate hot, sweet and daring. By that I mean that I switch it up every night.

You can add WHATEVER you like!

• Whole Milk, Soja Milk,…
• Cocoa Powder or the real deal
• White, Milk or Dark Chocolate
• Baileys, Kahlua,…
• Marshmallows
• Sprinkles
• Whipped Cream
• …

Let your fantasy run wild!

Mix ‘n’ Matching ain’t just a Fashion thing! Cheers!


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