NYE: LBD vs Sequins

The last couple of years you could spot a sequin bodycon or 2 for NYE. Now, they are at your left AND right! Meaning, everywhere…


I’ve been eyeing this Motel Rocks Dress for years but I could resist. Year after year.


This year I fell in love with a River Island Sequin Dress but I didn’t bought it because I didn’t want to spent €80 on something you hardly wear.

Regrets regrets! But proud that I could resist… Because in the end, I never go with the flow, I go in the opposite direction 😎

If you ❤️ sequins and want to stand out, glitter pants are also hot and happening! Once again, regretting that I didn’t bought the gold H&M sequins pants but you can’t have it all in life…


I promised myself not to buy a new NYE outfit and I didn’t. Quite an accomplishment.

• Classic! Can’t go wrong…
• Wardrobe staple piece
• Multi functional

So lets be mainstream and pimp one of those…

Battle of the dresses!




Sequin Bodycons


Are you a classic lady or a wild stand-out-in-the-crowd type of girl?

🎉 Happy New Year 🎉

Ps: the above pictures are from Pinterest and not taking by yours truly what so ever, if they are yours, tell me and I’ll give you credit 🙂


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