NY Resolutions

Yep. I’m in. The yearly resolutions every one loves to make (And pretty soon will break).

I must say I did quite well last year.

✔️Drinking more water
〰 Healthy eating
〰 Work out
〰 Have breakfast
✖️ Save money

Rome wasn’t build in a day!

• I approximately drink 2l of water a day.
• I eat way more fruits and vegetables than ever before. I even added super foods to my daily routine but I still can’t skip my daily dosis of sugary sweets.
I used to be sick very often but I’m not anymore which is good!
• I started running in september with the BF and I must honestly say it feels pretty damn good! But then it got colder and we gave up. We’ll get back on track very soon!
• “I never have breakfast. Only when I’m on vacation”. Changed to “I have breakfast 3 times a week and when on vacation”. BUT I do have a “daily” morning dosis of ‘hot lemon water’ since October.
• Of course I save up but not as much as I hoped I would. So we’ll have to make up for that in 2015.

You’re born to be real,
not perfect…


Keeping it simple is key. One step at a time. One goal at a time. If you’ll drastically change up your whole life, you won’t be able to keep it up.

1. I long for my daily dosis of fruits and veggies so I’ll get there eventually.
2. Working out with 2 is way more fun than all by yourself. The BF and I will get back on track and we will motivate each other to keep going…
3. Choose quality over quantity. * I plead the 5th* 😁
4. I never give a sh*t about what other people think but why don’t I want people to know I have a blog? Be proud of what I love? Admit I have a sever passion for fashion and beauty and find satisfaction in writing about it? Done with feeling shy! Life is too short to be dominated by others their thoughts…
5. Wintertime is all about Binge watching Netflix and blogging. Once the sun starts to come out, well…

Just do it!

If you have any resolutions, keep it real! And good luck…


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