How to: Smart Shopping

Many women mark 3rd of January in their agenda. Sales! But didn’t you just promised yourself to shop less in 2015?!? I thought so ^_^

Let me tell you some secrets as a Shop Manager and I assure you you’ll love me 😉

When you only shop twice a year, during sales, you are doing it all wrong!
Sure it is amazing and great that you have the tenacity to do so, but there are sales and promotions going on every single day.
And we all know, everything is attractive when on sale…

1. Subscribe to newsletters from your favorite brand or shop. Social media is a serious business! It tells you exactly what, where and when while sitting front row. Newsletters can be a pain in the ass but after a couple of months you figured out how often there are promotions, how big their discounts are and on which articles.

2. Shop online. No endless queues at the fitting rooms nor the check out. No need to search through hundreds of piles to find your size. No buttons missing or make-up stains. You can have all of this while sipping a Cosmopolitan. It’s against my own business but it’s the truth…

3. Make a shopping list and try to stick to it! When you already have a black blazer at home, you don’t need a 2nd one (Unless you just can’t compare the tissue nor the cut nor the…)

4. Stick to a budget and do not deviate from it! When you manage this, you deserve a cupcake afterwards 😎

5. Know the difference between to want and to need. There’s a lot that I want! But mostly I don’t need it. So 9/10 I walk away from it (But when you want a 100 things, you still end up with 10 items 😕).

6. Only buy basics during (the official) sales. Fashion changes in a blink! We have New Collection in store every single day. Most are instant fashion pieces which means they are ‘outdated’ after a couple of months.
Buy that sea foam green fur coat with 70% discount (which is great!) @ the end of the sales and you’ll be able to wear it for 1 more month. Next year it’s out fashioned and you’ll probably won’t wear it ever again (I would. I wear whatever I like, not what other people expect me to wear 😊).
Buy that classy cream colored coat with black buttons and you’ll enjoy it for many years to come…

When you do decide to go with the flow…

7. Shop alone. Second opinions can be of great value but when shopping solo, it’ll go much faster, you only enter the stores you like and you only look at items you like! This way you can’t fall in love with the unknown (which of course can sometimes be a good thing but not when you’re trying to save up). You know the saying: don’t put the cat with the milk 😉

8. When shopping in for example
Antwerp, I’ll probably start on the right side of the street, work my way down and then I’ll do the left side on my way back to the station. Let me tell you, not a good idea! Shop in a zig zag motion until the end of the street when you know for a fact that you have to go down that street again at the end of the day. Logic as hell when you think about it. When you can reserve the items you wanna buy at the check out until the end of the day, you can think it through. Because maybe you really don’t need it, you’ll find a cheaper/prettier one next door or you forget about it. Meaning: it wasn’t meant to be. This way, on your way back, you can ‘evaluate’ everything and make smarter and better shopping decisions. Less bad bargains. If you ever regret not buying it, hopes are big you’ll find it online (which might be more expensive but you can’t have it all in life!).

9. Pay cash. Me, on the other side of the check out, prefer the magic plastic BUT for you to spend less, you pay cash. It’s real money you have in your hand, no monopoly feeling with that credit card…

Saving best for last…

10. Become friends with the staff. My friends get all the inside scoop. When there’ll be a promotion, how much, which articles,… My best customers also get half of that privilege 😎 But disrespect my shop, my staff or me and you’re out the inner circle!

You can thank me later! 😉

2 thoughts on “How to: Smart Shopping

  1. As an ex fashion retailer myself I think that you have summarised the opportunities for bargains and customer behaviour very well. If consumers could stick to your (and my) advice they would be better off financially and stylishly :))

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