Beauty Month: Hair Profile

January is beauty month @ Les Créations de Nanni! I’ll talk about all my favorite beauty products.
Some of them Must Haves that are with me for years and others that are brand new discoveries in 2014.

This week I start off with hair care. Some tips & tricks and my very own fav products.

But 1st a little hair profile.

Most of you know me like this ⤵️


My hair up in a bun because it actually looks like this ⤵️


It is so freaking long, that it’s not always practical. So up in a bun is the easy way out on a daily basis. Pony tails, braids,… There are so many hairstyles that I can try but a bun is the easy way out ^_^ and I love it that way!


• Extremely long hair
• Natural blonde until the age of 22
• Now it’s dyed blonde
• Almost 3 years since last haircut
• Almost 1 year since last time dyed
• No blowdrying – straightening – curling
• No mousse – hairspray – wax – gel
• I wash my hair every 3 to 6 days
• Followed by conditioner or hair mask
• I use dry shampoo weekly
• I sleep with my hair up in a bun

Now you can understand the length of my hair a little better.

Not using any heating tools or styling products really does help.
Add not washing my hair on a daily basis and sleeping up with my hair in a bun to that list and we’re half way there yet!

But I’ll explain the benefit of these in the next couple of posts.

I hope it can be useful to you!

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