Beauty Tip: Coconut oil

I already shared and explained my dry shampoo habit to you but I have many more hair care tips for you!

Up today: Coconut oil!


I ❤️ coconuts! I loved it as a kid, the taste and smell of it, but Oh Boy little did I know when I visited Thailand for the very 1st time! I literally had no idea until I tasted my first fresh young coconut. So delish! My last visit was in November ’12 so the craving is indescribable… (Note to self: I should move there.)

But on to the through meaning of this post.

Hair Care tip:
Once a month I apply a good amount of coconut oil to my hair. Right before going to sleep. It leaves my hair so greasy but I put it up in a bun, this way it doesn’t bother me. I let it soak in all night. In the morning I wash my hair like I usually would.


Why coconut oil?

Our hair is exposed to sun, wind and dirth every day. So we need to take good care and make some extra efforts from time to time. Coconut oil is the effort you need!
It is rich in carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals which means it’s not only beneficial for your hair but your entire body (but lets talk about that in some future posts). It keeps your hair strong, nourished and protected.

Shiny and healthy hair is what all women want right?!?

Are there downsides to coconut oil?


I bought coconut OIL in Thailand, no biggie I thought. Big biggie! Back in Belgium, it was hard as stone. It is a liquid substance above 25°C. Easy when you live in a tropical country but Belgium unfortunately ain’t that blessed… My bottle was useless unless I would heat it every single time.


Now I own a jar, I scoop some out with a spoon (not easy!), warm it between my hands and voila!

Where to buy?

Bio Shops and Asian Shops for sure! I bought mine @ Essenza, €13,99.

Good luck!


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