Marsala – The Color of 2015!

I have ALWAYS loved burgundy shades! It is such a nice dark hue…

So I’m beyond thrilled with the newest shade of the year.


When it comes to food, it makes me think of pomegranates. Favorite fruit of mine (too bad that it is such a hassle to clean…)! Red wine on the other hand ain’t that bad neither.

Fashion related it goes with every single color that comes to mind. Black, grey, dark blue, orange, pink, mint, creme,…

So if you’re still planning some shopping trips, look for anything bordeaux, oxblood, burgundy or MARSALA! It is not going anywhere 🙂

And then my all time favorite: Lippies!

When you see me, you’ll probably see a dark lip. I ❤️ it! Some say it doesn’t suit me and others think it looks gorgeous! I think its a matter of getting used to it…


Will I finally have an excuse to wear this lip cream all year round? Because that would be awesome!

This lip cream is from Sephora in shade 4. Applies creamy, then they dry to a complete matte finish… But I’ll do a full review in 2 weeks.

Enjoy your weekend!


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