I’m no Angel but I have the hair of one.

That’s what Aussie claims when you use their Miracle Moist Hair Care line, which I do šŸ˜Ž For over 2 years now, and I ā¤ļø their products.

BUT even in the very beginning of this post, I already have to admit that my very own post made me doubt my so beloved shampoos & (deep) conditioner & treatment.

Lets start at the very beginning where I share my excitement with you.

I ā¤ļø the UK, in particular London. The shops, the brands, the fashion, the food, the magazines,…

Boots is my beauty walhalla when visiting this neighbor country. I could shop there for at least an hour, snooping through all the unknown brands, deciding which ones to try & buy! It’s the equivalent of Kruidvat but much bigger & better šŸ˜Ž

Aussie was one of those brands that I needed to take home with me some years ago.
I would ā¤ļø to visit Australia one day so at that particular time it seemed much easier to bring Aussie to me.


Even though you would think it’s an Australian brand, it is not. American off course. But the founder was inspired by the ingredients he was presented when visiting Australia.
Blue Gum Leaves, Mint Balm & Jojoba Seed Oil are some of those.

They sound promising and exotic to you? That’s what I thought so too!

Their magazine ads are so cool, their philosophy is awesome, their collections are so variated & their products smell amazing! Mostly like bubble gum, I love it!

They have shampoos & conditioners, treatments, dry shampoos, leave-ins, mousse,…
Long hair, colored hair, curly hair, they got it covered! Heat protecting or Volume creating? No biggie!

Which ones do I use?

Miracle Moist Shampoo & Conditioner


It’s a Moisture Infuser for hair that’s damaged or a bit unhappy.

My 1st shampoo love! My hair ain’t particular damaged or unhappy ( of course not, it’s blonde!) but it is very long so it can use some moisture all year round.

In combo with the conditioner it’s an amazingly smelling winner.

My hair smells njummie afterwards, it looks healthy & smooth and I love it!

Now & then I switch it up.

Luscious Long Shampoo & Conditioner


Silky Smoothness for hair long enough to swish.

My hair is Luscious Long so it can use the love this duo promises. It leaves it soft & smooth just like the other shampoo & conditioner.

What I also like to add in the mix are their 3MM’s.

3 Minutes Miracle Shine & Constructor


Deep conditioner & treatment. I prefer them above the regular conditioners. They leave my hair extra smooth and conditioned.
I just love the way my hair is and it’s all because of Aussie ‘Aussome made easy’.

Fact: the Aussie 3MM’s are NĀ°1 sold in the UK.

What I do have to admit is that I’ll probably won’t buy the regular conditioners anymore. Only bought them once last year to try them out. But I prefer the shampoo and 3MM’s.

Why not?!?

I told you why I love them, now let me tell you why maybe you shouldn’t.

When working on this post, wanting to share my love with you, I wanted to know something more about this brand and what I found wasn’t that pretty. That’s why I had many doubts on writing this whole post.

But I tell you the truth and nothing but the truth.

It is animal tested which I do not like at all. And it contains many toxins which aren’t that good for our health. I came across breast cancer & infertility but I’m not an expert when it comes to ingredients so no further details but I thought you should know. Also multiple silicones but I don’t know yet if I think of them as good or bad. They create the shine, the protection but also creates build up and weigh down. Your hair appears to be healthy but probably ain’t. And they ain’t sulfate free…

If you use non animal tested hair products and they are toxic free, stick to it, if not, feel free to try Aussie. With multiple awards I’m clearly not the only one who loves their products.

Where to buy them?

UK – Boots – Ship to Belgium! (Whole collection)
The Netherlands – Kruidvat & Etos (Not the whole collection)

Joining the Aussie fan club?

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