Basic Skincare Tips

Taking good care of your skin is a Must but a lot of people don’t know where to start. Even for a beauty addict like me it still ain’t easy to decide which products to use because there are so many promising skincare products available.

Let me guide you a little in the right direction!

1st of all you need to know what your complexion is. Do you suffer from allergies, acne prone skin,… It is all very important to know where to begin.

If you want a quick Skin Consultation, go to a Kiehls Shop nearby. (If it’s by hazard in Ghent, some lovely ladies at your service!) They can determine your complexion by doing a test on your forehead and cheeks.
• Dry
• Sensitive
• Normal
• Combo
• Oily


Whatever your skin type, there’s a specific range of skincare products available for you.

If you want a thorough examination and explanation I recommend you visit a dermatologist. They can help you out with a Complexion Analysis Report.

Which I did. I visited Dermadent in Merelbeke because I was very curious about how good or bad my skin actually is.


They take multiple pictures of your bare face. Yes ladies! No make-up allowed! The pictures are then compared with 100 other women of the same age and race in a world wide database.


The VISIA report is divided into 8 sections
• Spots (not shown on the report)
• Wrinkles
• Texture
• Pores
• UV-spots
• Brown spots
• Red Areas
• Porphyrins (Acne)

The higher the percentage, the better! I learned my skin has some major sun damage (as a teenager I didn’t apply sunscreen like I should have) and that my skin ain’t Acne proof (comes with the Forever Young attitude 😎)

I won’t go into detail on my report but I can tell you that it is very interesting! It could confirm what you always suspected or it could surprise you with new facts.

Once you posses this info, you’re half way there!

Now you know what to look for in skincare products. Anti-aging, hydration, acne,…

But whatever your complexion or the skincare products you use, there are some rules you can’t neglect!

1. Clean your face at night!
Wether you wear make-up or not you need to clean your face before going to sleep. Pollution, dust, air conditioning,… It all affects our skin. It clogs your pores while sleeping causing break outs, wrinkles,… So clean your face!

2. There is such a thing as over cleansing! Don’t strip your face of its natural oils. Don’t go scrubbing and peeling and exfoliating and… like a maniac. Know what the product is for, how to use it correctly and how many times.

3. Apply products in the right order.
It is not only important to know what the product is for but also when to use it.

• Wash your hands
• Wet your skin with warm water
• Cleanse
• Remove the cleanser
• Rinse your face with cold water
• Dry your face by dapping with a towel NOT rubbing
• Apply toner to restore your PH balance
• Moisturize

• Replace your cleanser by an exfoliator once or twice a week
• Apply a face mask once a week or less

2. Lightest formula 1st!
Not only do you need to give the products you apply some time to really get into your skin, you need to apply them in the right order so they can settle in.

• Toner
• Acne or Anti-Aging treatment
• Serum
• Sunscreen
• Moisturizer

5. Your skin reflects what you eat.
You maybe didn’t think about this fact but it has a major impact on how your skin looks like. Beautiful skin = healthy skin! Sugar is the devil. Water is your savior 😎

I could go into detail on some parts but this might be enough as an intro to my skincare routines this week!

Up this week:

• Clarisonic
• Bio Oil
• Glam Glow

Stay tuned!

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