Why oil is beneficial for your face

Many women shiver at the thought of putting oil on their face. Well, let me tell you that you shouldn’t!

Sensitive skin or oily, it doesn’t matter. We can all benefit from it.

Many skin creams contain a lot of water so there are a lot of additives needed to eliminate bacterial growth, increase shelf life and add an appealing smell. Of course these can cause allergic reactions and skin irritations.


But if you’d use an organic oil, you wouldn’t have this problem.
Most oils have a small molecular structure that make them able to easily penetrate the skin. They contain moisturizing fatty acids, including some omega’s who strengthen the skin’s lipid layer and help stabilize the natural oil production.

When you have sensitive skin, you could find relief with an oil.

When you have oily skin you probably think that you should keep oils far away from your skin but you really don’t!
When it are plant- based oils, they normally are non-comedogenic, meaning they’re not likely to clog pores and cause breakouts. But when you suffer badly from acne and you’re on meds, be careful! They could trigger allergic reactions…


There’s a logical reason you could benefit from oil when having blemished or oily skin. Many products strip the skin from its natural oils which cause dehydrated skin. This leads to overproduction of sebum. So when your skin isn’t hydrated enough, it causes even more skin problems!

That is why I recommend Coconut Oil! but since it is such a hassle to melt it in the wintertime, I use Bio Oil instead. It’s not a natural oil but it’s a good one!


I talked about coconut oil before and I will continue doing so in the future but this post is about Bio Oil.

I discovered it some years ago @ Boots in London but don’t start planning a citytrip yet, you can also buy it nearby.

Bio Oil was launched world wide in 2002.
It is the best sold product in many countries when it comes down to treating scars and striae.
It’s a perfect anti-aging oil and effective against dry skin. All of this is possible because of a combination of plant extracts and vitamins suspended in an oil base. It also contains the breakthrough ingredient PurCellin Oil. This makes it light, non-greasy and easy to absorb.

It contains calendula oil, lavender, rosemary and chamomile oil! Vitamins A & E.

How to

• A few drops upto as many as you want!
• In your handpalm
• Warm it up
• Apply to your face (or wherever you want to. TIP: pregnant bellies!!!)

Night time

In the beginning I only used it at night. Confession: I’m not frugal with this stuff because my skin can drink it all night long… Leaves it super soft!

Best to do so right after cleansing.


Our skin is like a sponge. When completely dry, it’s only the surface that gets moist. When wet already, it can penetrate better into our skin and lock in the moisture.


We went to Tenerife a couple of months ago and because of a misunderstanding between the BF & I we forgot a beauty bag. No moisturizer nor cleanser for a whole week. Luckily my beauty oil was stored in another bag!

Morning routine

So in the morning I added a couple of drops to my face (and neck and décolletage!) Not too much because when you want to apply foundation afterwards…

As a cleanser

Not cleansing ain’t an option. And since I kind of forgot I used coconut oil before to do this much skipped task by many women I used my bio oil once more! Saves you space when packing 😉

So I add a lot of Bio Oil to my face and neck, massage it in very well and remove everything with a warm face cloth. When my face is clean, I use my Clarisonic (more about that tomorrow!)

Do you use waterproof mascara? Forever lasting lipstick? Oil breaks it all down! Your make-up is gone in one single swipe! No need to rub and scrub your skin, it won’t get irritated since it will go oh so smoothly…

Not convinced yet?

They sell it at your local pharmacy and at Kruidvat! So there’s a discount available now and then…
It comes in a 60ml version and 200ml.
So you can try out the small bottle 1st 🙂

Convinced now?

Let me know!

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