Review – Clarisonic

The internet probably has an overload of Clarisonic (Mia 2) reviews but in my opinion there’s always room for one more 😎

My very own…


This little thing, an amazing Xmas Gift (!), is my new best friend. I absolutely love it & I’ll tell you why.

What is it?

β€’ A gentle and effective cleanser.

It’s a sonic device that produces over 300 movements per second. It works to loosen dirt and oil, removing deep-seated impurities from pores and priming skin to better absorb topical treatments.
So no vibrating or spinning which is great! Because with my previous cleanser from Sigma, I had foam going all directions in my bathroom…



β€’ 2 speeds

Speed 1 is for delicate skin.
Speed 2 is for normal daily use for all skin types.

β€’ 1 minute pulsing T-Timer

For even and thorough cleansing, it pulses momentarily to indicate that it is time to move to another part of your face.

β€’ Interchangeable Facial Brush Heads

There’s a specific brush for every skin type. Delicate, sensitive, normal, acne,…


And it has a protective cap.


β€’ Rechargeable

It comes with a pLink Charger which is pretty awesome! Since it is magnetic, it immediately clicks in place.

β€’ Waterproof

Yep, this thing is sealed! No problem to take it with you while showering.


β€’ Protective Travel Case

Once you start using a Clarisonic, I can imagine you wouldn’t wanna go a day without this amazing device. So the Travel Case is a must!

β€’ Sample Size Cleanser

The cleanser is great. You could use any cleanser you like as long as it doesn’t contain any scrubbing parts.

How to

β€’ Charge it for 24 hours (I didn’t 😞)
β€’ Remove your eye make-up
β€’ Apply cleanser to your face or onto a damp brush head
β€’ Push the on/off button
β€’ Select desired speed
β€’ Follow the T-Timer instructions

1. 20 seconds on forehead
2. 20 seconds on nose and chin
3. 10 seconds on one cheek
4. 10 seconds on other cheek

Do not press to hard, let it slide over your skin back and forward and in circular motions.


It claims(!)


6X better cleansing than hands alone
61% greater absorption of Vitamin C after use
2X daily use is proven safe and gentle


94% report softer skin
90% report more radiant & glowing skin

My way

β€’ I use it once a day, at night
β€’ 1st I remove my make-up with my bio oil
β€’ Then I use the Mia 2
β€’ A lotion
β€’ And a good amount of Bio Oil once again
β€’ Sleepy Time!

β€’ When showering I use it on my neck and dΓ©colletage.

I can honestly say I always had soft skin but it is even softer and smoother now!

They say that your skin could purge in the beginning which is true in my case.
When I have spots, they’re mostly around my nose, mouth or chin. Hormonal thing. Occasionally forehead or temples.
Never on my cheeks. Which is happening now. I have some spots on my right cheek for over a week. But I’m confidant it will all go away πŸ™‚

Some tips


Store it with its head down. This way the remaining water can get away. The protective cap makes sure that the bristles stay in shape.

Where to buy

If you have thought about buying one before, do not hesitate. It’s a miracle thing!

You can buy it at ICI Paris Xl or in my case @ Sephora. There’s a interesting discount on a regular basis. When sales started in France last week, the Mia 2 in Lime was -50% discount!!! Of course it is sold out in no time… Mine was also -25% (I’m a Black Member).
The regular price is €149.

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