Review – GlamGlow

Sunday = Pamperday! So yesterday I treated myself with a Supermud GlamGlow mask. Hello Sexy is their slogan & I like it! 😉


The GlamGlow rage really started in 2013 but it all started in 2010 as a Hollywood only product. And then they expanded like crazy because everybody wanted their much talked about miracle masks. I couldn’t get my hands on it until all of a sudden I discovered it by coincidence @ BeautyQueen in Ghent in January (In the meantime they also sell it @ ICI Paris XL). I was very happy and thrilled that I could finally test it and see the results for myself. Because after seeing tons of beauty fanatics putting their mask faces on Instagram I could now have one of my own ^_^


Before I forget, they won many Awards already! And by many, I really mean a lot!


What is it?

Enough chit chat. SuperMud is the 2nd GlamGlow mask that came on the market. It is made out of mud and by preference for problem skin. BUT GlamGlow says to be for Men & Women, All Ages & All Skin Types.

The Main Ingredients are:

GlamGlow has this specific technology that delivers fresh natural eucalyptus direct into their formula.

A 6 acid blend that are perfectly PH balanced for a faster result
I don’t want to go too much into detail but this blend
– Improves Skin Texture
– Restores Damaged Skin
– Helps de-clog pores & minimize them
– Skin Rejuvenation
– …

The Charcoal is an Xtreme absorption carbon that attracts toxic substances into its mass up to 500 times its volume! (Google some pictures and see for yourself 😉) So bye bye sebum, bacteria & toxins.

They use the skincare benefits of green life.
– Eucalyptus: Fight Toxins
– Chamomile: Anti-Inflammation
– Aloe Vera: Healing
– Cucumber: Soothing
– …


It claims

97% agree it improves skin clarity
96% agree it unclogs pores
95% agree it fights common skin concerns

How to?

Apply a thin layer to clean skin. Leave on for 5 – 20 minutes & remove with water. You can use it as a Full Face Mask or as a Spot Treatment.


My experience

Love it! I use it once a week up to once a month. In the beginning I applied it all over my face but I had some very bad allergic reactions when it came down to the YouthMud mask (their 1st born) so since then I use it as a Spot Treatment.
I think men & women all agree that our nose is the most vulnerable when it comes to blackheads & large pores. So my nose gets the miracle treatment.
My skin feels super smooth & clean afterwards. All shiny like a mirror! Pores definitely are minimized.
Blackheads removed.


This product really is good if you’re searching for a deep cleansing mud mask. But I must admit it ain’t cheap…

Where to buy?

À gauche et à droite:
They all retail for the price of €49,95. 30ml (Be aware! The YouthMud is the same price but for 50ml).

Will you be a GlamGlower soon?

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