#30DaysOfLipstick – 1

I ❀️ lipstick! You didn’t know yet?!?

You for sure will now 😊

I’m doing the #30DaysOfLipstick Challenge. Or at least, kind of… My own version… We’ll see…

February is all about Fashion Fashion Fashion! But what is a good outfit without the right pout? Without that perfect statement lip? Especially during these cold, dark winter days I prefer to add some brightness!

So here we go!

Day 1: Favorite lipstick brand


Hmm, tough one!


Technically lipstick comes in solid form in a tube so then I’d go for Urban Decay!

They say it is creamy, badass luxury. Well, no denying in that! They deliver an insane color payoff with a creamy shine & they nourish. The formula really glides on to your lips & its pigmentation is great! (Did I mention before? Whoops!)


They have 22 shades to choose from AND they recently launched a sheer revolution lip line. Same colors, only this time they are sheer. Haven’t tried them yet and I have no intention doing so. I love the original revolution lipsticks just as they are!


They can last me all day! Depending on what I eat and if I wear a lip pencil underneath,… Small touch ups are no problem at all.

BUT I prefer lip creams. Lipstick in a liquid form. Then I’d go with Sephora! My absolute fav!


Sephora has a BIG range of lipsticks but the only ones I tried so far are their no transfer lip creams.

They came in 8 colors. Then all of a sudden there were only 4 left. My heart panicked BUT since last week, they added 5 new shades to their range. Excited as hell!

They are absolutely long lasting and matte. My ultimate favorite. They can dehydrate your lips a little at the end of the day but I had matte lipsticks way worse than these. Touch ups are possible but be careful. Only where needed πŸ™‚


SO, I wanted to order some Sephora Lip Creams online for a giveaway but of course the shades I wanted are out of stock. SO this Thursday I’m going to Lille to get them myself ^_^

How do you feel about a lipstick giveaway with Valentines day right around the corner?!? I’m thrilled!

Follow me on Facebook to find out about the details later on this week!



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