#30DaysOfLipstick – 2

Day 2! Most Worn.

Well, there ain’t a specific lipstick I wear the most BUT there is a color I wear the most šŸ™‚ That’s also a correct answer right?!?

Meet my signature look


Hair up in a bun.
Black eyeliner.
Statement jewelry.
AND of course a dark lip šŸ˜Ž

There ain’t many people (I think mostly men) who love a dark lip. Do you?
I personally love it. No idea how I got there…

This lipcolor ain’t just one lipstick. Now & then I go all the way.

Lipliner: UD – Jilted
Lipstick: UD – Venom
Lipcream: Sephora NĀ°8
Lipcream: NYX Monte Carlo

This combo doesn’t budge. The lipliner keeps the lipstick in place. Who keeps my lips better moisturized because these matte lipcreams can be drying. But they can last you all day. I didn’t touch up once today but I must admit that I didn’t ate anything greasy.

Do you love a dark lip?


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