#30DaysOfLipstick – 3

Day 3 – Most comfortable.

Am I the only one thinking every day of this challenge through for a couple of hours?!? Like seriously, which lipstick that I own is the most comfortable? I could barely resist to try out all my favorite lipsticks last night to have the most accurate answer to this question.

But luckily I didn’t 😉

I think I’d just go with the lip creams from Lush.


+ They are highly pigmented
+ Long lasting
+ Touch ups through out the day are no problem
+ hydrating
+ They hardly transfer
+ Easy to apply

– I do not like their smell 😕

Lush is an amazing not-animal tested brand! Most of their products are as fresh as they can be so their expiring dates aren’t as long as with most brands. But that’s ok by me since their ingredients are mostly natural.

The lip cream contains
• Jojoba Oil
• Candelilla Wax
• Rose Wax

So they are comfortable to wear.


I think my lipstick craze really started a couple of years ago with this very specific Lush Lip Cream in Passioned! A gorgeous vibrant metallic pink.

Lush – € 17,95

Good deal for a lipstick!


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