#30DaysOfLipstick – 5

Day 5 – Favorite Red

With yesterday’s giveaway, the most logical answer to that question is of course the N° 1 from the Sephora Lipcreams!


So today was all about the red lip. THE lip color of all lip colors!


It is a very pleasant lip cream. I wore it with no concealer nor lip pencil underneath. And it was only after 7 hours of wearing it, that my lips really started to feel dry. No touch-ups done. Even after drinking 500 ml of vegetable soup, eating a banana, cucumber, some chocolate,…

But before owning this lipstick (only bought it yesterday, it was the l’Oreal infallible that was my ultimate N° 1!

The Red infallible was my favorite for years!


It does not transfer at all! This lipstick is heaven but a real pain in the ass to remove for some I heard. Oil is the trick ladies 🙂


The reason why I started to turn my back on this lipstick is because you have to be very careful what you eat. When it is greasy food or a non elegant meal that you are eating, this lipstick starts to crumble… I also feel it’s best not to touch up. It does more bad then good. But besides that, an amazing 100% kiss proof lipstick! No transferring at all. Great pigment & easy application!


Pretty sure the battle between these 2 will continue for many opportunities to come!


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