#30DaysOfLipstick – 6

Day 6 – Wishlist

I had an endless lipstick wish list. I was always looking for something better. Some are out of my reach, others could cost me a lot of shipping costs. So with a lot of patience, I now & then get my hands on something that is on this precious wish list of mine…

What I own & love

 Urban Decay – Revolution IMG_8642.JPG I have multiple shades. I ❤️ them! Applause to & Lille shopping trips…

Sleek – Matte Me

IMG_8643.JPG Yep, the mattest your lips can be. Thanks to & London city trips!

NYX – Soft Matte Lip Cream

IMG_8632.JPG Creamy, long lasting & wide color range. Hooray for once again (they do not sell them anymore unfortunately) & Spain Holidays!

OCC – Liptar

IMG_8633.JPG They seemed so far out of my reach. But I have this amazing aunt who went to NYC & proposed to bring something from Sephora… I didn’t want to overload her with a giant wish list so 1 liptar was all I wanted @ that time.

Rimmel – Provocalips

IMG_8635.JPG Patience ladies, patience! A couple of days ago I was raging to a fellow blogger that they aren’t sold in Belgium & then they appeared @ Kruidvat this afternoon! Out of nowhere! Still need to be tested but I’m having high hopes ^_^ Still on my endless list

IMG_8640.JPG As long as it is
• Matte
• Easy to apply
• Long lasting
• Highly pigmented
• Exclusive

Yep, if they weren’t exclusive, they wouldn’t be on my wishlist! I’d buy them right away…

So, I want:

• Jeffree Stars
• Limecrime
• Bite Beauty
• Tarte
• Hourglass
• Sephora
• Colourpop

So my sweetest dears, if you ever feel generous, feel free to send me some 😉
OR… I’m always open for an exchange project of beauty products ^_^ 💋

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