#30DaysOfLipstick – 8

Day 8 – DIY Lip scrub.

The cold winter wind can be very harsh for our lips. And with Valentines Day getting closer & closer, we need a soft, smooth & kissable pout!

How to achieve this? By diving into your kitchen! Lets make a lip scrub!


What you need:

• Small container

1 tea spoon of
• Sugar
• Honey
• Coconut Oil

• Some drops of food coloring but that’s completely up to you. Because of V Day I wanted to make it pink 😊


• Add all the ingredients on a plate.
• Pop it into the microwave for
10 seconds. This way it is easier to stir it all up.
• Mix it all together.
• Pour in a small container.
• Shake it well.
• Store in your fridge!

You can now add a step to your night time routine. Scrubbing those lips!


Should I add that this lip scrub is sugary sweet?!?

You can lick it right off if temptation is too big!

Have yourself a kissable V Day!


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