#30DaysOfLipstick – 10

2 days ago I told you how to DIY a lipscrub. But that of course ain’t enough for kissable lips.

I’ll let you in on my top 3 lip care products.


Rosebud Salve

My precious baby since I don’t know for how many years. I have 4 of them so I can keep them close.

• Bathroom
• Bedroom
• Handbag
• Locker @ work

This salve is amazing! A small bruise or a cut. A rash or allergie. I like to put some on top 🙂 But the main reason why I bought this: I put this on my lips every morning & every night before going to sleep. When I don’t wear any lip stick, I’ll probably apply 5 times more during the day.


They once sold them @ ICI Paris XL but unfortunately not anymore. I lately bought mine in London but they also sell them online @

Elizabeth Arden – 8 hour cream

Another baby of mine. Love it or hate it. It has a very specific herbal sent so it takes time to get used to it. But once you are, great salve.

During the colder winter days, I switch up my Rosebud Salve with my 8 hour cream. Because the 8 hour is a little more intense. You’ll never see me with chapped lips!

This salve is available @ Ici Paril XL.

Eos Lip Balm

I recently added a new member to the family. My strawberry sorbet lip balm. Great stuff! I chased it for years and finally got my hands on one in Amsterdam @ the Urban Outfitters Store. It ain’t cheap (like the ones above) for a lip balm but it is a damn good one!

I always apply Rosebud Salve in the morning while doing my make-up. But right before applying my lip stick, I whip it off. It is too “greasy”. My lip stick wouldn’t adhere like it should. But this lip balm is light & hydrates perfectly! I haven’t had any problems yet with my lip stick on top of this balm.

On top of that there are many different scents that you want to lick right off your lips…

Do you also have some go to lip care products?



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