Must Have Monday – High Waisted Jeans

I always had a thing for high waisted bottoms. I think they are super feminine. Skirts weren’t that hard to find but pants, my oh my. Same goes for shorts, they are extremely rare. Or I shop at the wrong places…

So no need in telling you how thrilled I am that they are finally hot & happening!


There was a time that low waists were IT. Seriously, you couldn’t bend over even a little bit without exposing way too much. But luckily these days are over…


High waists are super comfortable & you can move in them without any problems. They slim you down in my opinion & are very elegant.

River Island has this one high waisted pants ‘Lana’ which of course I love. I used to buy one every year.

H&M also had some high waists from time to time but no jeans. And by ‘from time to time’ I mean rarely. Now they have A LOT of high waists & I’m going totally nuts! Bought 3 pairs already ^_^




I think the pictures above show every single one available at H&M.! The prices start at € 9.99 and go up to € 29.99. Great deal if you ask me…

American Apparel of course is also familiar with high waists but out of my budget (I try to keep it really low key!) & I avoid online shopping.


Since I’m obsessed with high waisted pants, I want to buy many many more but luckily I know I shouldn’t. Although I really want some beige & grey ones ^_^

You probably ask yourself how to wear them? Easy, any way you like 🙂

I prefer to tuck my top inside, a habit of mine that I’ll never get ride of… Or with a crop top. Totally acceptable when only showing a little skin!


But what would we be without a little Pinterest inspo?





As you can see, all tucked in or cropped.

I can assure you, once you go high waist, you’ll never go back…

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