Must Have Monday – High Waisted Jeans

I always had a thing for high waisted bottoms. I think they are super feminine. Skirts weren’t that hard to find but pants, my oh my. Same goes for shorts, they are extremely rare. Or I shop at the wrong places…

So no need in telling you how thrilled I am that they are finally hot & happening!


There was a time that low waists were IT. Seriously, you couldn’t bend over even a little bit without exposing way too much. But luckily these days are over…


High waists are super comfortable & you can move in them without any problems. They slim you down in my opinion & are very elegant.

River Island has this one high waisted pants ‘Lana’ which of course I love. I used to buy one every year.

H&M also had some high waists from time to time but no jeans. And by ‘from time to time’ I mean rarely. Now they have A LOT of high waists & I’m going totally nuts! Bought 3 pairs already ^_^




I think the pictures above show every single one available at H&M.! The prices start at โ‚ฌ 9.99 and go up to โ‚ฌ 29.99. Great deal if you ask me…

American Apparel of course is also familiar with high waists but out of my budget (I try to keep it really low key!) & I avoid online shopping.


Since I’m obsessed with high waisted pants, I want to buy many many more but luckily I know I shouldn’t. Although I really want some beige & grey ones ^_^

You probably ask yourself how to wear them? Easy, any way you like ๐Ÿ™‚

I prefer to tuck my top inside, a habit of mine that I’ll never get ride of… Or with a crop top. Totally acceptable when only showing a little skin!


But what would we be without a little Pinterest inspo?





As you can see, all tucked in or cropped.

I can assure you, once you go high waist, you’ll never go back…


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