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Wish List Wednesday – White Sneakers

I’m a ‘High in the sky’ kind of girl. How higher my heels, the better ^_^ Yes I run around all day but it’s a habit, I feel better in heels than in flats. My legs & feet were killing me when in flats which of course isn’t the case for most women.


BUT last year I started wearing flats more often. I found a particular model that was so comfortable that it was all I could think of. And wear. Own them in 4 colors 😎


Converses followed right after.


And because of the running resolutions some Nike’s were next on the list.


Then we had these amazing sneakers in store! Pink leopards… A new love was born, who knew?!?


Of course I still wear a lot of high heels, but I found a healthy mix between my heels & flats. My doctor would be so proud 😎

Afterwards I spotted some holographic Nike’s on the internet 😮


And a couple of months later I started eyeing some “normal” Nike’s. Big crush! Then I spotted them at least 10 times a day. If you know me, I never go with the flow. Ever. So if it’s popular, I’m out. I prefer ‘unique’ instead of ‘copycat’.



But the lust didn’t go away. I wanted them so badly. So I researched a little for some similar ones & I found an even better pair! Eighties are all I can think of when seeing these. Love love love.


Up until today, I could resist buying them. But I can’t hold myself back much longer. Next month they’ll be at my feet…

How do you feel about the white sneaker trend? Let me give you some extra inspo.




Convinced now?


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