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Sporty Sunday – This is how we do!

I’m not the sporty type. At all. Or at least, I wasn’t.


Last year I lost a bet. Going for a long long run was my punishment. I forgot there was I time I enjoyed running as a young teenager. So I picked it up again!


• My Love & I.
• 3 X a week.
• With the Start 2 Run app from Evy Gruyaert.



Sport! Was on my resolution list.
• It clears my sometimes stressful mind.
• Some perfect ‘us’ time.


How to?

Find yourself a running partner.

It is way more fun when you don’t have to go running all by yourself! Not only to keep you company but also to motivate each other.


Run outside.

Don’t go to the gym to run! It does not only cost you a lot of money, it is crowded, it smells awful, & it simply ain’t the same experience of running in nature. Find yourself a park or forest nearby & see for yourself how relaxing it can be…


Treat yourself.

There’s no better treat than a shopping treat! We women can’t deny 🙂 You’ll feel way more confident when running in a brand new outfit! Me, the not so sporty type, had no real sport outfit let alone some running shoes. So I had to buy myself one obviously! It also motivates you to put them to a good use. It would be a pity to hang them in your closet for no one to see!


My outfit, all from H&M! Great price & good quality. Something for every activity & every type. From very flashy colorful to 50 shades of Grey &


Through winter- and summertime!


With the most gorgeous Nike running shoes 😍

Put together a playlist.

I couldn’t run without some ‘pump up the jam’ music! So I put together a running playlist. For months it has been the same but I don’t care. They keep me going & that’s all that matters…

Iggy Azalea is my big favorite:

• Fancy
• Work
• Black Widow
• Bounce
• Change your life
• My World
• Goddess
• Heavy Crown
• Beg for it


She’ll make you feel like a Goddess 😎

Have fun.

Don’t take life too serious nor sport or any other activity. If you don’t want to go running, then don’t, the most important thing is to like it. I look forward to go running, if you don’t, find yourself another sport. You have to enjoy it. That way it will make you feel extra happy & healthy inside & out!


Out the door yet? Just do it 😉


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